6 Myths About Las Vegas That Might Surprise You

Las Vegas. A place which many people have visited, yet a place which contains many different myths – many of which people believe to be fact! If you ask anyone who hasn’t been to Las Vegas, you will probably hear a lot of these myths as the reason they do not wish to visit. It is sad, but it is true!

So here is a list of 6 myths, which we should now put to rest:

Myth Number 1:
You Visit Las Vegas To Gamble

This is not 100% true. Although many people do visit Las Vegas to have a flutter on the blackjack tables or put their hard-earned cash in to a slot machine, this isn’t the only reason people will visit.
In acual fact, statistics show that gambling isn’t the primary reason for visiting Las Vegas.

With so many shows available to see, and so much history in and around the Strip, Las Vegas has become a popular tourist attraction rather than a place to purely gamble your money away.

Myth Number 2:
The House Will Always Win

Although many people believe this to be fact, and although all gamblers will tell you this – it is still a myth. Yes, the house has the advantage when you gamble. But people do win the jackpots time and time again! The fatal mistake people always make, is throwing their money away too fast. If you play to 1 cent slots, you are sure to make a profit at some stage!

Myth Number 3:
Play The Games In The Casinos – Receive A Free Drink

This is one of the biggest myths going, and can catch a lot of people out! It is true that if you sit down on one of the machines or tables, you will be offered a drink of your choice. It is true that you will receive this drink without receiving a bill. But it is also true that as a kind and generous person, and knowing how tipping in Las Vegas works, you will hand over at least $1 as a thank you. Free drink? No. Cheaper than going to the bar drink? Yes.

Myth Number 4:
Las Vegas Is Not A Place For A Family

This has been a subject of many discussions on the internet, and this has changed over time. Not too long ago, Las Vegas catered for adults and children alike. A lot of the hotels featured “child friendly” areas, and attractions for your youngsters to enjoy. Now, a lot of these have vanished. However, Las Vegas does still have a variety of options for families in and around the area. So don’t be put off if you have children – just do your research to find the best hotels to go to!

Myth Number 5:
Prostitiution Is Legal In Las Vegas

You see so many people handing out those little cards and leaflets featuring scantily clad ladies and a number you can call them on. So they are prostitutes right? Wrong! Prostitution is still illegal in Las Vegas – but “Escort” services are legal. This is what is featured on these cards. You can come up with your own conclusions on this, but this is why it is legal for those people to advertise the girls to you.

Myth Number 6:
Smoking Is Allowed Anywhere In Las Vegas

Wrong. Although Las Vegas does allow you to smoke inside its hotels and casinos, smoking is only permitted in gaming areas. It is illegal to smoke in restaurants and non-designated areas.

Hopefully you are now fully clued up on the myths people tell you about Las Vegas, and will consider joining the thousands of people who visit each year – with the added value of knowing the truth! Is it better to know that the myths are not real? Well, it’s too late to realise that now!

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Sarah Batista