4 Simple Tips that Melt the Pounds Away

Have you ever been getting ready for a family event, a holiday party, or a night out and just felt that nothing fit right? It is the worst feeling in the world and can destroy confidence in just seconds. Here are a handful of tips to add into any daily routine that will make you feel confident before and at any occasion.

1. Drink Water
I know what you thinking, how is drinking water going to help you lose weight? Drinking at least eight glasses of eight ounces of water a day can do wonders for your weight. This helps fuel your body. Drinking enough water also makes us feel more full. Sometimes while we think we are craving food, it can be a big sign our body is asking us for more water. Drinking this much water also helps push out all the other drinks we get accustom to drinking throughout the day. Just setting aside the soda, surgery coffees, and energy drinks for water can show true results in weight loss.

2. Do Not Starve
So many women often start a strict diet that involves eating near to nothing. This is so unhealthy and actually makes your body use calories in a way that helps save them (because your body thinks you do not have food available). Instead, try planning three healthy and balanced meals and add healthy snacks. What?! Snack on a diet?! Yes! Giving your body little boosts with an apple or some peppers and hummus will not only keep you energized, but keep you from pigging out on the next when you feel like you are starving.

3. Slow Down
We often get into a fast paced rush during our week. That is why meals become fast food on the way home from work or a pizza that gets dropped off when there was not time to make a dinner. Take some time to slow down and plan your meals and snacks. This helps avoid the junk food we grab in a hurry. Also, slow down while eating. We often do not realize how fast we eat. This is unhealthy because it does not give the body time to register how full it is. So eat slowly and let your body tell you when it is done.

4. Portion Control
In a world where everything is supersized and packed full of deals, it is difficult to control our portions. Test yourself! Next time you go out, order your food in a size smaller or set aside a third of what you ordered. Will you feel hungry after? Most likely not at all. Like stated before, the human body need time to register how full it is. If an oversized portion is finished before it even has time, you end up stuffed with extra calories that are not even needed! So maybe look into portion sizes and be sure you are not getting sucked in the the jumbo sized mind set.

So try adding just a few simple tricks and see what results you find!

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Sarah Batista