Use your hairstyle to become irresistible

Everybody has those days when they feel like their hairstyle just isn’t cutting it. One of the first things that men notice about women is their hair. Some men like blondes, some like brunettes, but regardless, everyone can appreciate an irresistible head of hair. There are so many photos of celebrities with beautiful hair and we think “they only look that beautiful because they have a professional hairstylist”. Well we are here to tell you that it is possible for your hair to look like that, without spending hundreds of dollars on a professional.

Keep it smooth
Use minimal heat on your hair. Although it makes your hairstyle look perfect, overtime it starts to damage your hair. Everyone has heard this trick before, and that’s because it is crucial to keeping your hair soft and free from split ends. Everyone can appreciate soft, silky hair, especially men! They love to run their fingers through your hair just as much as you love to feel it. If it is possible for you to refrain from using heat tools on your hair everyday it is highly recommended. If you must use heat styling tools everyday then we suggest that you invest in a good heat protection spray or leave-in conditioner. They range in price and are easy to come by, but they will make all the difference for your irresistible hair.

Simplicity is Key
Men are more attracted to hairstyles that look natural and beautiful. It doesn’t need to be an intricately braided up-do to catch the attention of that guy you’ve been eyeing! One little trick that makes even the simplest style look professional is VOLUME, and it isn’t hard to achieve. Use a round brush to pull your hair up from the roots and blow dry it on low heat for just a few minutes. It will smooth out your hair while giving you volume that will last all day. If your hairstyle tends to fall flat use a volume mousse on the roots right before you blow dry or consider a volumizing shampoo.

Find your scent
This is an easy way to make your hair irresistible. Find shampoo and conditioner with a scent you love and make sure that your hair is always clean! When you walk past any man on the street he won’t be able to stop himself from doing a double-take once he gets a whiff of your luscious locks. Try a shampoo with long-lasting scent or you can even try out a hair perfume. Men love lavender and vanilla scents in particular, but pick a scent that you love! When your hair gets caught in the light breeze the men will be lining up to get a peek at that irresistible hair!

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Lisa Watkins